Fairfield Tennis

Paul was approached to develop a web presence for a local tennis association and created this site in the WordPress Elegant Themes ecosystem, adding a calendar widget, videos, AI art galleries, blog posts and match reports. The regional office now plans to market his services throughout the Midwest.

Coach U, Inc.

Coach U, Inc. is a well-established international coaching organization with a 30-year history. Alesia played a crucial role in the organization’s transition from an outdated course environment to a comprehensive online database Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform specifically designed for online courses.

Charging Bear

Charging Bear is a new website for an established 501c3 non-profit organization. In addition to the probono concept, copy and design for the entire “Income” section, Paul used ChatGPT to provide the text for each other page in a matter of seconds in each case, speeding the launch and cutting client costs.

Consciousness Cruises

Paul created this alumni travel site for a university, wrote all of the copy, designed the site, secured all of the vendor relationships, stabilized legal agreements, and promoted the project via print flyers, an eight foot banner, art easel stand posters, and multiple email campaigns.

LA FoodWorks

Alesia is a sought-after expert in web-related matters for small business entrepreneurs. She excels in managing technology, design, and content implementation for sole proprietor companies like LA Food Works. With her exceptional skills and ongoing support, she provides comprehensive web services for businesses in need.

Closure Print

This client needed a website refresh to support an upcoming industry convention, and Paul designed this much enhanced presence, took background video footage, selected images, and deployed the site in ample time before the convention event. This responsive design site is deployed on the WordPress Elegant Themes platform.


Alesia collaborated with the ATOM design team to implement their custom design into a responsive layout, assisting them in finding the right solutions for blending their mosaic galleries with onsite SEO to present their design portfolio in a more elegant and effective way. Recognizing her attention to detail and design expertise, ATOM entrusted her with managing their quarterly newsletters for over 30,000 subscribers.

AI Galleries

Dream AI

Midjourney AI

Duck Moon AI

AI Logos

AI Ads

AI Social Media

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