The MOJO Superwalker

This project was start to finish, since we were involved in product naming, logo design, AI text and image generation, web design, physical therapist interviews, photography and even modeling.

The company is in a beta stage while they wait for patent approval, after which they will expand to mass production and mass marketing.

We plan to be with them every step of the way.

Naming and Logo:

The client was thinking of naming the product after the inventor, an idea with some merit because he is a highly accomplished man, but we felt that the name MOJO had a sense of both dynamism and magic as a benefit that would appeal to seniors. The tag line gives further details on the actual product type, producing a more complete message.

Following up on that we used a combinaton of logo tools and phtotograpy to create the logo.

Photos and Video

There were no photos provided, but the client sent us a sample walker and so we took our own, cropping out the background with an AI tool, and in the case of the image at the upper right of this page, layering the gravel back in so it wouldn’t look like the device was floating in mid air. 

While we were doing product photos we also thought to do a video of the product in use.

See the video here.

And of course it’s one of us as the model (along with the product!) *Hint, its not Alesia.


Original image: Bed photo displays cut-off and off-center

 To create a product diagram we used our Photo and relied on old school Photoshop support to add lines and captions.

See the final version.

Prioritizing Human-Centric Innovation Amidst AI Integration: Spotlight on the Inventor

At DuckByte, we thrive on collaboration and deeply value the co-creative process. Whether partnering with innovative startups or established companies, we are passionate about transforming visions into reality. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurial spirits, embracing their bold ideas and bringing them to fruition.

Currently in its beta stage, The MOJO Superwalker awaits patent approval before transitioning into mass production and marketing. As dedicated partners, we are committed to standing by their side throughout every milestone and triumph.

With a blend of cutting-edge AI tools and a people-first approach, we ensure that every project we undertake reflects our core values of creativity, collaboration, and excellence. 

Paul and Alesia at DuckByte went above and beyond what we could have imagined to help us get our vision realized as a web presence


Doshi LLC

Elevating Visibility with On-Page Optimization

Throughout the project, we prioritized on-page SEO and organic SEO practices to elevate our client’s online presence. Leveraging various AI tools, we meticulously crafted SEO keyword-rich content,  and ensured that every image had SEO-optimized alt text. This strategic approach not only enhanced the visibility of our product but also has the potential to  boost its search engine rankings.

At DuckByte, we understand the importance of on-page SEO in driving organic traffic and maximizing online visibility.

Experience the difference with DuckByte – where creativity meets innovation. We’re proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing our client’s vision to life online.


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