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Updating web marketing and design with human and AI-powered solutions, DuckByte delivers elegant, cost-effective and integrated web solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.

What we do

DuckByte offers web design, hosting, SEO, and other human and AI-enhanced web services to small businesses, prioritizing quality and affordability to maximize online presence and growth.

Usability Studies

To help identify user personas and their needs, informing content creation and site architecture for optimized website builds or redesigns.

Website Design

Utilizing Elegant Themes’ enhanced WordPress environment, we create versatile websites for clients, offering options for self-management or continued support.

Online Ads

Web advertising in Google and other media,  including ad creative, landing page content and analytics to optimize ad investments.

Onsite SEO

We do onsite SEO to optimize website content to enhance visibility, ranking, organic traffic, and conversions, facilitating customer engagement and brand discovery.

Offsite SEO / Social Media

Our off-site SEO work includes external actions that boost a website’s search engine rankings, visibility, and traffic by building authority, credibility, and relevance.

Content Management

We are happy to train client personnel in web content updates or  perform such services for client companies who would rather focus on their core business functions.

Online Courses

We collaborate on comprehensive strategies for website development, course sales, and quality content delivery to capitalize on the expanding online course market.

Ecommerce / Online Stores

We assist in creating user-friendly, SEO-optimized online ecommerce stores for selling physical goods, digital content, or services, bolstering your business’s online presence.

Accessibility Protection

We recommend and provide accessibly designed websites in order to ensure equal access for all users,  expand client customer bases and  protect from litigation.

Leveraging artificial and human intelligence

In the interest of client success

Why we are different

DuckByte was founded by two web professionals who have worked in the trenches of web design, copywriting, coding and graphic design for many years, hand-holding entrepreneurs of local and international scope as they developed and upgraded their web presences. As writers, they draw from a background in linguistics, academia, literature, poetry, comedy, improv, brand names, informative/persuasive copy and UX design. Like an iceberg floating by, the 10% of what you see on this website is supported by years of experience, a broad vision of where web marketing has been, continual alertness to emerging web trends (did we mention AI?), a user and customer-centric philosophy, plus humor, one-to-one engagement, active listening, and a personal commitment to expansion in physical health, emotional intelligence and consciousness.

Our Latest Work

Yes, we’ve been busy

Soul Salt Ink & Expedition

DuckByte's one-year anniversary milestone sees launch of  our recent collaboration with the multi-talented Anya Charles. Together, we’ve crafted a professional website that embodies her two distinct business streams: Professional Writing and Travel Agent. Anya's passion and determined savvy have truly inspired us, and it's been an honor to partner with her.

The Floating Bed Co.

DuckByte's inaugural project involved an extensive site design redo. Upgrading a previous website with nonstandard navigation elements and a need for upgraded visuals to match the quality of the product. In many cases using AI tools for handling text and creating visuals speeded the process and lowered costs. https://floatingbed.com/ 

The MOJO Superwalker®

From inception to execution, this project epitomized our commitment to collaboration and creativity. We spearheaded product naming, logo design, AI integration, web development, and more, while embracing the visionary spirit of our clients. Together, we transformed bold ideas into tangible realities, exemplifying our passion for co-creation and innovation. https://mojosuperwalker.com/ 


SportsConscious, a DuckByte initiative in web design and marketing, we are hoping to be a part of the revolution in Name Image Likness (NIL) financing in higher education. Our platform empowers athletes and institutions, focusing on NAIA schools. Currently in prototype stage, we're excited to be a part of reshaping the collegiate sports landscape. https://miu.sportconscious.org/

Kurai Dreams

Introducing Kurai Dreams, a testament to our professional development, fusing inspiration with technology. This DuckByte initiative seamlessly blends storytelling with web design, immersing users in a manga-style experience. Beyond the site, we've self-published both the manga and a full-color book, along with crafting 100 TikTok AI animated videos, showcasing innovation across mediums. https://kuraidreams.com/

Vastu Pyramid

Our Vastu Pyramid project involved overcoming several hurdles. Specfically addressing the lack of  marketing presence for key aspects of the client's business. We were able to integrate three business streams and migrate legacy products to a new integrated online store. Moreover, we successfully transferred online courses to a new host vendor with an 80% increase in client profit per sale. https://vastu-pyramid.com/ 

Fairfield Tennis

Paul was approached to develop a web presence for a local tennis association and created this site in the Wordpress Elegant Themes ecosystem, adding a calendar widget, videos, AI art galleries, blog posts and match reports. The regional office now plans to market his services throughout the Midwest.

Coach U, Inc.

Coach U, Inc. is a well-established international coaching organization with a 30-year history. Alesia played a crucial role in the organization's transition from an outdated course environment to a comprehensive online database Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform specifically designed for online courses.

Charging Bear

Charging Bear is a new website for an established 501c3 non-profit organization. In addition to the probono concept, copy and design for the entire “Income” section, Paul used ChatGPT to provide the text for each other page in a matter of seconds in each case, speeding the launch and cutting client costs.

Consciousness Cruises

Paul created this alumni travel site for a university, wrote all of the copy, designed the site, secured all of the vendor relationships, stabilized legal agreements, and promoted the project via print flyers, an eight foot banner, art easel stand posters, and multiple email campaigns.

LA FoodWorks

Alesia is a sought-after expert in web-related matters for small business entrepreneurs. She excels in managing technology, design, and content implementation for sole proprietor companies like LA Food Works. With her exceptional skills and ongoing support, she provides comprehensive web services for businesses in need.

Closure Print

This client needed a website refresh to support an upcoming industry convention, and Paul designed this much enhanced presence, took background video footage, selected images, and deployed the site in ample time before the convention event. This responsive design site is deployed on the Wordpress Elegant Themes platform.


Alesia collaborated with the ATOM design team to implement their custom design into a responsive layout, assisting them in finding the right solutions for blending their mosaic galleries with onsite SEO to present their design portfolio in a more elegant and effective way. Recognizing her attention to detail and design expertise, ATOM entrusted her with managing their quarterly newsletters for over 30,000 subscribers.

Our Skills

At your service

soft skills and hard skills

The Marriage of Soft and Strong

Potential employers these days want to see resumes that list both soft and hard skills. They don’t want to just know if you have html/css skills or what project management programs you used at your last place of employment, they want to try to peek into what kind of person you are. Are you on-time, are you dependable, are you a good team player? Do you play nice? They want to know a bit about what is under the surface, and they have no choice but to use keywords and database searches to do this. Quite an impersonal way to find the right person.

Wouldn’t it be nice if AI could just write your resume for you (it can) and just go find that job for you with those searches while you brush up on your golf or couch-lounging skills?  Read full post >

AI Galleries

Dream AI

Midjourney AI

Duck Moon AI

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AI Ads

AI Social Media

From DuckByte Clients

Paul & Alesia surpassed my expectations. They went beyond the call of duty on every detail – writing, layout, creativity in addition to what I provided them with, and more. They came in on time (unheard of?),  and the site is practical, beautiful, and already moving up in the rankings. I am really grateful for their service. I am also happy that I will never have to spend my time vetting a web design team again, now that I found a keeper.

John Huff

CEO, The Floating Bed

Duckbyte has done an outstanding job in designing my new website. I thought that they might need to create several webpages for my many products and services, but they designed an umbrella webpage where I can promote everything that I have been providing for over 30 years.

Deepak Bakshi

CEO, Vastu Pyramid

DuckByte and its people were recommended to us by a trusted source, and we have been delighted to find them not only highly skillful in web design but also deeply engaged in learning about and helping market our product. We are in an early stage of our product’s life cycle while we await a patent, and we plan to partner with DuckByte in our national launch when the time is right.

Navin Doshi

Doshi LLC

From Past Clients

Working with Alesia and Paul will always be professional… and fun.

“Alesia has been a tremendous support in our work together at Coach U. Her expertise has been crucial in the initial transition and day-to-day activities of our online business. When I have a question or need support, her responses are always quick, professional, and very helpful. It is an absolute pleasure working with Alesia!”

Michelle Jamison

VP of Operational Development/Client Services, Coach U, Inc.

Paul Stokstad stepped in when we were floundering around… He knows all the details of web design and worked with us to make a website that was light years beyond what we were capable of.

Nina Meade

Promotions, End Anxiety! book

You’ll certainly be hard-pressed to find a multi-talented digital marketing professional with the high level of experience that Paul brings to the table.

Dustin Matos

Director of Marketing, Conest Software Systems

With Alesia’s expertise, I feel really supported in any new approaches I might want to take in marketing. I am very impressed with help she provides with my website management needs that I don’t have the knowledge or the capability to do.

Tom Ledder

Owner, Selenite Sword Maker LLC

A partner