The Floating Bed

DuckByte is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural website project. This endeavor has been a joyous and creative experience, allowing us to cater to the client’s needs in various ways. We have diligently worked to deliver an up-to-date and visually appealing design that aligns with marketing objectives. Our team is excited to present this project, which showcases our dedication to crafting engaging and effective websites.

This project involved a site upgrade from a site with nonstandard navigation elements and a need for upgraded visuals to match the quality of the product. In many cases using AI tools for handling text and creating visuals speeded the process and lowered costs.

DuckByte designed a whole new logo and banner for the new website

Unique elements of this project:

We created the new banner image and logo at the top of the site, and of course many images were AI generated at no cost to the client. In one case we used an AI art tool to “imagine” an entire room around a bed photo that was not centered in the shot so that we could re-crop and match other shots.  Amazing stuff!

Image before AI correction:

Original image: Bed photo displays cut-off and off-center

Image after AI correction:

Updated Bed Photo: AI-Enhanced and Centered in Imagined Room
 (In addition to image correction, we harnessed the power of AI to enhance the website’s visual appeal while achieving significant cost savings for the client. By leveraging AI, we eliminated the need for investing in stock images, resulting in substantial cost reductions. This innovative approach allowed us to create captivating visuals customized to the client’s requirements.

Sample Free AI “Stock Images” (used on home page as subpage summaries and as hero images on target pages)

AI Stock Image Example
AI Stock Image Example
AI Stock Image Example

Regarding AI text tools, we used Chat GPT to reduce a bio from 1700 words to 1000, create multiple page summaries, and to combine historical research and a few prompts in creating this page that the client hadn’t even asked for, just because we felt the story needed telling: A Masterpiece.

Read the testimonial from our client

Over time, I have had three other companies make a website for my business, with very poor results, which really hurt my business.  I wasted time and money on them, and the experience was painful. So naturally I was concerned when I contacted Duckbyte. I needn’t have worried. Paul & Alesia surpassed my expectations. They went beyond the call of duty on every detail – writing, layout, creativity in addition to what I provided them with, and more. They came in on time (unheard of?),  and the site is practical, beautiful, and already moving up in the rankings. I am really grateful for their service. I am also happy that I will never have to spend my time vetting a web design team again, now that I found a keeper.

John Huff

CEO, The Floating Bed

Experience the transformation with these before-and-after snapshots.



Overall, this was a very gratifying initial design project to work on, as we witnessed the client’s website undergo a delightful duckling-to-swan transformation!

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