The Commons

With this project we have been present at the birth of an uplifting project for the betterment of all. Like most beginnings, they needed a logo and a look that is inviting and on message.  We leveraged AI art tools to create a warm and welcoming site.


The client had a basic line drawing featuring two hands, but it needed some added beauty, so we went to AI tools, refined the concept and added gold coloring.

Photos and Video

We got started with AI text tools to create AI art prompts and the result of AI talking to itself gave us a color theme and look that created multiple richly-colored onsite visual elements.

This site is just an initial web footprint for a growing endeaver, but even so, the execution is way beyod waht a basic budget could support thanks to AI and the fact that we want to do beautiful work on projects of every size.



We don’t always get all of the introductory, overview or explanatory text that we might need at the onest of a project. Historically we would either need to get back to the client and ask for it, or qask for more bidget for us to write something up. But sometimes we can just create something with AI and see if they like it. If so, it stays, and if not it gives them something to fix. 

Time and money saved either way. 

Note: one more sample graphic from the site (see below).

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