This project is a non-profit that we supported with a web design including prospective athlete portals and Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) web pages, and we continue to support them as they expand.

Exploring AI Artistry: Enhancing Web Design with Visual Innovation

The main area of design interest here is all of the AI art. Here is a gallery of some what we came up with to enrich the site:

A rather intricate graphical process was employed regarding the following:

The original image of an athlete (dusty pink shirt) and his family.

The athlete after cropping out his family. This had to be upscaled in size and detail to be usable (the latter was an impossible task before AI).

The image after using an AI art tool in Photoshop to add a new court background and a tennis ball. The arms are strictly imaginary AI art.

 Translation Plugin

We also added a translation plugin to serve prospective student athletes in US/England (default), Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, India, Japan and China.

From AI Artistry to Seamless Web Design

At DuckByte, we believe in the power of inspired initiative. Our years of experience in web design, combined with access to the finest tools and templates on the market, allow us to create truly exceptional websites. By integrating AI art images with the visionary direction of our team, we craft websites that captivate and inspire. Experience the difference with DuckByte – where creativity and initiative converge to drive innovation.

See SportConscious Home Page Design below.