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Discover the captivating journey of Anya Charles, a passionate storyteller and world traveler, who seamlessly blends her expertise in freelance writing and travel planning. This stategic web design integrates dual business streams into one cohesive platform, showcasing Anya’s vibrant career path and inspiring story.

Read on to discover how we supported Anya’s entrepreneurial debut through our innovative web design.

Anya Charles, your guide through the realm of words and wanderings

Meet Anya Charles

Meet Anya Charles, our latest featured client and owner of Soul Salt Ink & Expeditions. Anya is a passionate storyteller and experienced world traveler who has set out to seamlessly blend her two distinct passions into a single business. She sought DuckByte’s design and web expertise to create a cohesive website that merges two streams into one unified platform.

Recognizing the inherent connection between Anya’s passions and her livelihood, DuckByte collaborated to shape a narrative that seamlessly integrates her personal and professional journeys. By providing expert design and platform support, we empowered Anya to share her unique story in a manner that is both inspiring and relatable, bridging the gap between her personal experiences and her professional endeavors

Integration of Two Distinct Business Streams

We began by understanding the unique needs of each business stream. Our goal was to create a unified website that would allow both facets of her career to shine while maintaining a distinct identity for each. Utilizing carefully selected color themes and dedicated landing pages, we ensured that visitors could easily navigate and engage with each aspect of her business.

Establishing Anya’s Unique Brand Identity

In addition to integrating her two business streams, we saw a clear vision for establishing Anya as her own brand identity, leveraging her unique strengths and passions. We also harnessed Anya’s savvy, charismatic entrepreneurial spirit, infusing her brand with personal pizzazz to create a vibrant and engaging online presence. By combining strategic design and authentic storytelling, we ensured her professional and personal narratives resonate with her audience, setting her apart in the digital landscape.

Anya, Professional Writer and Editor

Original image: Bed photo displays cut-off and off-center

Anya, Professional Travel Agent

Updated Bed Photo: AI-Enhanced and Centered in Imagined Room

Anya’s Personal Journey

Anya’s Personal Journey

Expanding from her personal brand identity, Anya also seamlessly infused her creative vision with our design team by contributing original logo designs and website visual assets in a collaborative effort.

Collaborative Design Process

This project held particular significance for us as it marked our inaugural deep dive into a collaborative design process. Our client was intricately involved in crafting the design assets, breathing life into her vision. This collaboration not only enriched the design but also underscored our versatility and unwavering commitment to meeting our clients’ needs.

Our client actively participated in the design process by personally crafting her own logo and banner header art for each page. This joint effort ensured seamless alignment between her designs and our user-centric color themes and text suggestions, resulting in a unified and visually captivating website.

Furthermore, leveraging her skills as a photographer, our client contributed her own imagery to the project, imbuing it with a distinctive personal touch.

Anya's Logo Banner: A Reflection of Her Vision

Anya’s Logo Banner: A Reflection of Her Vision

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Anya’s Personal Touch: Utilizing Talents, Skills for Original Photography & Assets

Layout Expertise: Elevating Narrative Flow

As we delved into the project, one of the key challenges we encountered was effectively organizing and presenting an abundance of text in a visually captivating manner. Our design team rose to the occasion, skillfully integrating imagery with text to craft a seamless narrative flow across the site. This meticulous attention to detail shines particularly bright on the ‘My Journey’ page, where our layout expertise comes to the fore. By artfully blending imagery and text, we ensured Anya’s story is not just told, but experienced, captivating and inspiring visitors at every turn.


Navigating the Intersection of Cultures and Travel: A Snapshot of Seamlessly Blended Imagery and Text

Testimonial From Our Client

I recently had the pleasure of working with DuckByte to build a website from scratch, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My website has a unique dual-personality, combining my freelance writing profession with my travel agency work. Rather than managing two separate accounts and sites, I wanted a unified platform, and DuckByte delivered perfectly.

From the start, they created a comprehensive outline and incorporated all my ideas and feedback seamlessly. As someone who often experiences decision paralysis and needs professional input to reach conclusions, I couldn’t have asked for better guidance. Alesia was amazing – patience with my thoughts and went above and beyond is tying up loose ends, from what photos to upload to setting up my email account – everything was covered, and then some.

Alesia and Paul were an absolute pleasure to work with—professional, timely, and incredibly attentive to details I had overlooked. The end result is a beautiful, functional website that perfectly represents and helps grow both of my businesses. I’m thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend DuckByte for their exceptional work.

I  couldn’t be happier with the custom website DuckByte developed. They created a seamless, unified platform for my freelance writing and travel agency work. Working with Alesia and Paul was a pleasure—they were professional, timely, and incredibly attentive to every detail. I’m thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend DuckByte!

Anya Charles

Ownner, Soul Salt Ink and Expeditions

Being part of Anya’s professional journey has been an absolute pleasure for our design team. Crafting her digital presence has not only been a creative endeavor but a deeply fulfilling experience.


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