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Kurai Dreams is a fantasy website documenting the personal archive by seventeen year old emo girl Kurai Yami of events in post-apocalyptic Tokyo after the world-altering Yellowstone Park supervolcano eruption of 2081. Kurai and her lifelong best friend Rin Akarui, along with their new friend Hiroshi Takeda struggle for normalcy in a debilitated city, encountering demonic forces and ancient sages. Kurai is forced to discover surprising inner powers in order to overcome a major demon and turn dark forces to gold.

The site includes back stories on each main character, histories of major story locations, an ARG (alternative reality game) and themed merchandise.

Kurai Dreams: Graphic  Novel

For those who enjoy a comic book or manga-type treatment, this 88 page version does it all (full color print, economy-priced black and white print, and Kindle/ebook).

It has all of the gorgeous details on Kurai, Rin, Hiroshi and their quest to bring life back to normal in post-apocalyptic demon-infested Tokyo, in a fresh comic book style e-book.

Kurai DReams: Collectors edition

This is the definitive, full color Kurai Dreams story, a 345 full page illustrrated novel that celebrates of every moment, character and setting, deployed on Amazon as a both a print version and Kindle e-book.

In Hushed Silence

This volume of lyrical poems features selected works by Ruth Stokstad. Each poem is enriched by the presence of a companion image on the facing page.

Ruth Stokstad, originally Ruth Eleanor Feggestad, was born on June 26, 1923 in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

She attended poetry workshops with noted poet James Hearst of Cedar Falls, Iowa, and was published several times in Lyrical Iowa.

Her poems are spare, observational, and compassionate, with deep and at times mysterious themes.

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