In this Duck AI Museum Art Gallery (see Duck Museum 1) we show the results of Midjourney AI art creations AND provide the prompts that originated each result.

To view a larger image, click on the thumbnail, and then use the arrows on the sides to navigate through the gallery.

Medieval Art (Remedios Caro )

A duck created by Remedios Varo, “ancient-feeling” artwork that will transport viewers to a different time and place — v 5

Frosted Glossy Icon

A duck, gradient colour of green and yellow, frosted glass texture, glossy base, 3d rendering, white background, isometric, translucent, technology sense, studio light, C4D, blender, clean — v 5

Ukiyoe Style

A duck reading on a tree, Ukiyoe style — v 5

3-D Vibrant Model (Leo Natsume)

A 3D duck trending color palette, UI, by Leo Natsume, 3D illustration, pop up color, vibrant — v 5

Mechanical Exoskeleton Suit

A sophisticated mechanical exoskeleton suit of a duck — s 750 — v 5

Art Nouveau

Art nouveau design of duck in rich colors and black background — v 5


Celestial duck, 3D render, solarpunk, bright lighting, art deco — v 5

3-D Icon Sets

Colorful 3D Icon Sets of ducks, 3d rendering, white background, isometric, translucent, C4D, blender, clean, Pinterest, hyper detailed — v 5


Duck anthropomorphism, wizard, chinese ink style, amazing epic ancient theme, cinematic, stunning, realising lighting and shading, vivid, vibrant, unreal engine, concept art, — q 2 — s 750 — v 5

Ink Art Graphics

3D Ducks, By Alberto Seveso, advanced color scheme, high detail, studio lighting, white background, 8k UHD, C4D, blender, OC rendering — v 5

Translucent Molten (Dieter Rams)

Duck, neon color, pink and white gradient, translucent molten body, glossy, designed by Dieter Rams, high detail, fine luster, 3D render, C4D, 8k, white background, studio lighting — v 5

Futuristic Transparent Plastic

Futuristic Ducks, transparent plastic, gradient color, high detail, 8k, industrial design, white background, 3D, C4D, blender, OC rendering — q 2 — s 750 — v 5

Luminous Backlit Glowing

Luminous backlit glowing duck, neon lights around the duck, faded, hyperdetail — v 5

Mayan Art

Mayan Art depicting a duck, facing the camera, blue and gold, ornate, intricate, award winning photography, black background — v 5


Mega duck on the top of a castle, mysterious, unreal engine, surrealistic background — v 5

Multi-Dimensional Porcelain

Multidimensional Porcelain sculpture of a 3D duck, museum art piece — v 5

Outline Neon Glass Icon

Outline icon of duck, frosted glass icon set, colourful, ui, design, app, clean fresh design, flat design, dribble, center the composition, hyper detail, ar 1:1, neon light, dark background — v 5


Zoomorphism of duck, amazing cyberpunk theme, cinematic, stunning, realizing lighting and shading, vivid, vibrant, unreal engine, concept art, — q 2 — s 750 — v 5

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