Today, on the occasion of our quackiversary, we are delighted to unveil a new website: Soul Salt Ink and Expeditions—a testament to the visionary leadership of Anya Charles and our dedication to delivering excellence.

A year ago this week, I embarked on a web design business adventure unlike any other. Alongside a fun and fabulous colleague (and long-lost friend Paul Stokstad), I took the plunge and we hatched DuckByte. What followed has been a whirlwind of creativity, challenges, and joy, marking one of the most fulfilling chapters in my 25-year tech career.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful philosophy: “Do what you enjoy unapologetically and find a way to get paid for it so you can empower others who to follow their own passion.” With each passing day, we’ve strived to embody this ethos, navigating the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship with determination and resilience.

One highlight amidst the journey has been our recent collaboration with the talented and savvy Anya Charles. Together, we’ve crafted a professional website that embodies her two distinct business streams: Professional Writing and Travel Agent. Today, we proudly announce the launch of Soul Salt Ink and Expeditions—a testament to Anya’s vision and our commitment to excellence.

Watching Anya step into her own as a business owner has been nothing short of inspiring. As someone I’ve known since she was just a duckling, seeing her spread her wings and soar has filled me with pride beyond measure. Anya, here’s to your success and the adventures that lie ahead.

And to DuckByte, my steadfast companion on this journey, I eagerly anticipate the projects yet to come. To everyone who has supported us—both personally and professionally—I extend my heartfelt thank you. Your encouragement, tolerance, and support has buoyed us through every challenge, making this ducky endeavor all the more rewarding.

As we reflect on the past year, let’s celebrate our milestones, both big and small. Here’s to DuckByte, to our clients, and to the countless opportunities that await us in the future. Together, let’s continue to make waves in the vast sea of web design, one quack at a time.

Set Sail with Anya: Discover Her Newly Launched Website and Join the Celebration.

Anya Charles, your guide through the realm of words and wanderings
Check out Anya's new business website – Soul Salt Ink and Expeditions