It’s not all clients…

In the world of web design, we are delighted to work with businesses of all sorts in helping them convey their messages online.

But now and then we have projects of our own that need promotion. In this case two passions coincide, due to a long history of support for, as students, in teaching, administration and marketing, and due to an even longer engagement with the sport of tennis.

Recently Paul was asked to serve as the part time tennis coach for MIU, and in support of athletic recruiting, we put together this website and the business structure to support it.

The world of collegiate sports is in flux due to the arrival of name, image and likeness (NIL) opportunities for student athletes. In this new ecosystem, off campus supporters are forming collectives of school well-wishers to support income for students.

The site that we have developed for MIU, is a subdomain of the parent domain, The “miu” at the beginning of the url can be changed for any school, and direct a user to an entirely new website.

Once we fully launch the MIU school project, we can change that prefix, clone the MIU site (to a degree), change the color scheme to match the new school’s colors, and offer support to yet another school, and another, etc.

The digital world is an amazing place, and with the help of AI tools to speed up and visually enhance each project, it’s an exciting time to be working online.

One More Thing:

Another cool aspect to that site is the addition of a translation widget that allows every top navigation link and all on-page text to be viewed in any one of 9 languages.