DuckByte Unveils a Fusion of Web Design and Anime Artistry, Blurring Boundaries with a Creative Masterpiece

Planet Earth, 2/3/24 —, an innovative web design agency, proudly announces the launch of an extraordinary side project that seamlessly combines a lifetime of web design expertise with cutting-edge AI technologies.

In a several months-long AI-empowered project, the DuckByte team has constructed a virtual manga-themed world at the URL This captivating universe centers around Kurai, a spirited and sassy emo teenager who is navigating  post-apocalyptic Tokyo in the year 2091. Accompanied by her fashionable best friend Rin and the enigmatic blue-haired boy Hiroshi, she embarks on a journey confronting demons, dragons, and inner angst, all while seeking peace and purpose in an uncertain world.

This visionary side project extends beyond storytelling, as the carefully curated website immerses visitors in the vivid aesthetic of a possible future world. The site includes an online store which offers a range of vividly designed print-on-demand products for sale.

The pièce de résistance, however,  was the creation of a manga art-style graphic novel that showcases the imaginative set of characters and their world.  Now available on Amazon in both ebook and softcover editions, the graphic novel  is complemented by a meticulously crafted 346 page coffee table book “Collector’s Edition”  version of the story which elevates the storytelling experience with an expanded graphical treatment. This marks DuckByte’s entry into the realms of publishing and online book sales.

“We wanted to showcase our versatility as a design company while unleashing our creativity in a unique and entertaining way,” says Alesia Lloyd, Partner at DuckByte. “This side project not only allowed us to explore new horizons but also reinforced our commitment to offering a broader spectrum of professional services.”

DuckByte invites its fans to delve into this creative world from the outset, assuring them that while the side project embodies fun and exploration, the agency remains steadfast in delivering top-notch website design services.

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